January 8, 2015 Dinner Meeting

Great tips were shared by members at our dinner meeting on Thursday, January 8, 2015 at Nancy's Fireside Restaurant.


Nassau County's 2014 Business Person of the Year

Early Friday morning, we joined with the Nassau County Council of Chambers to celebrate all of Nassau County's 2014 Business Person of the Year Nominees. You chamber was proud of our 2014 well deserving winner, Eileen Dolan as she proudly received citation after citation (not parking tickets, but some real nice proclamations) from our political leaders and an award from the NCCC. Eileen has been a member as active as one could dedicate and has been for so many years. She has held positions for many years in committees, the board and as an officer. Eileen is a proud and successful Sales Director with Mary Kay and has many professional accomplishments notched on her career belt. Her greatest pride is her children and husband Steve. It was great to see many of them at the celebration breakfast. Our Chamber thanks Eileen for above and beyond the call dedication and looks forward to many more years working together.

Belmont Luncheon

This past Thursday the Floral Park Chamber of Commerce held their annual Belmont Stakes Luncheon to discuss impending activities and goals in the company of jockey, author, and corporate speaker Janice Blake.  The Chamber of Commerce set goals to heighten the awareness of its numerous activities such as the upcoming Belmont Stakes Tulip Street Fair.  Cathy Grassman of Jo-Mar Pet Grooming and Boarding orchestrated the event in collaboration with the Street Fair Committee.  More specifically, there are also plans to improve the value of its members through effective internal and external communications, a common calendar for different sectors of Chamber committees, and increased press and media through social exposure.  In addition, the Chamber incorporated a new intern, Jennifer Seuling, from Floral Park Memorial High School.  Jennifer has already incorporated fresh ideas into the Chamber, which believes that she will “bring a new spark of life” to the older way of doing things.  Many important members of the community were in attendance at the luncheon such as Mayor Thomas Tweedy, Village Justice Doug Hayden, Village Clerk Susan Walsh, and Village Administrator Gerry Bambrick.  

The Belmont Luncheon also welcomed a very special guest: Janice Blake.  Janice Blake’s success as a jockey and author of the book How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse enabled her to share a unique perspective on the relationship between the trainer, the jockey, and the horse.  Along with her insightful discussion of her life on the racetrack, she also displayed her jockey equipment piece by piece to the intrigued audience.  Blake informed the audience about the different horseshoes and saddles used for specific races.  She displayed her training attire which consisted of light, durable silk clothing with worn boots.  Everything she wears is extremely light in order to minimize the amount of weight the horse carries during races.  Blake also provided interesting details about a jockey’s attire, such as their racing googles.  These special googles have multiple coverings in case one covering gets splattered with mud.  The jockey can easily flip the dirty lens up and have a clean one ready underneath.  When asked about the event, Ronald Keats exclaimed, “Her presentation could not be a more timely and appropriate overview, we are very grateful for her giving up her time for us”.  After the presentation, a race was held in honor of the Chamber of Commerce.  The group enjoyed watching the race in the company of Sam the Bugler, whose calls can be heard throughout the village on race day.  Once the race was over, all members in attendance took a picture with the winning jockey and gave the jockey an award for winning the race.

Additionally, the Belmont Stakes Street Fair on June 8th will be in full swing thanks to the Street Fair Committee, chaired by Cathy Grassman.  This year numerous local bands such as “R.A.K.E.” will be performing.  Also various awards will be granted to deserving members of the community, such as Floral Park Memorial High School student Samantha Pages.  Samantha designed the spectacular flower banners that will soon appear lining the sides of Jericho Turnpike and other streets.  In addition, speakers will be present to address the attendees of the fair.  The mayor of Floral Park, Thomas Tweedy, will appear to speak while the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Ronald Keats, distributes awards.  

The Floral Park Chamber of Commerce is currently abuzz with activities and planning events for the village.  With summer right around the corner, Floral Park residents can look forward to exciting community experiences for the whole family.

Holiday Party

A GREAT time was had by all at the 2013 Holiday Party at Crabtrees. If you have more photos to add, please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or post them to our Facebook page. Thanks for a great evening!

Belmont Stakes Street Fair

The weather was sunny ~ the crowds were endulging in the great food and beverages ~ the children were shrieking on the rides ~ the music was entertaining ~ a perfect start of summer!


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