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Dear Neighbors and Colleagues,

We are proud to provide you with our updated 2020-2021 Online Business Directory. Here you will find over 180 Business Partners who play a big part in making the Floral Park community so special.

The Floral Park Chamber of Commerce has been serving our community for over 60 years. We are proud of the legacy left by our former presidents and boards.  Today, we continue much of the good work they have done which includes:

  • Year long efforts & events to promote “SHOP LOCAL”
  • Building B2B Relationships within our network
  • Providing scholarships & mentoring for our local schools
  • Benevolence work for our local charities and not-for-profits
  • Beautification of our shopping districts, including hanging flower baskets, median planters & business banners
  • Regular advocacy with our Mayor & Village Administrators
  • Organizing two well attended community events - The Belmont Weekend Street Fair & Tree Lighting Christmas Festival

Our mission is to strengthen local business and help address the challenges that industries face in 2020 dealing with the effects of CoVid-19.  Floral Park is built on local business, but in recent years, online shopping has made it hard to compete, so in the spirit of innovation, this past year we have become more active digitally.  Our monthly meetings are now accessible through ZOOM and we’ve become more active on Social Media to help promote our members and Chamber activity.   Now more than ever, you need to be searchable through Google and you have a strong visual presence on smart phones and tablets.   We are here to help extend the reach of your business digitally and in-person.  We provide a network of local resources, opportunities to connect and learn, various ways to promote your business, and any other support you may need.  Feel free to Email us for more details

On behalf of all of our members, please continue to support the local businesses & organizations that help make Floral Park a great place to SHOP, DINE, and LIVE.  We encourage you to browse this directory to get familiar with those who work hard to serve YOU, the residents of Floral Park.  This directory can also be found on our website :

Please join us at one of our monthly MEETINGS or EVENTS and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  We look forward to meeting you and doing business with you.

Stephen Wickes

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